Lightweight Power Wheelchair

  • Foldawheel PW-1000XL weighs only 25.5 kg (56 lb)
  • It takes just 1 second to open/fold.
  • It is a slightly wider version of our lightest power wheelchair PW-999UL,
  • It is built for heavier load capacity.



Introductory video to wheelchair


Why PW-1000XL is much better than those conventional power wheelchair?

  • Opens and Folds in just 1 second and fit easily in the trunk of a small car. (Some users can swing it to open/fold with one hand). Stands upright by itself after folded and you can roll it with wheels.
  • Foldawheel PW-1000XL lightweight power wheelchair is only 25.5 kg (56 lb) without battery. Each battery weighs just 1.7 kg (3.7 lb) and the price you pay for now comes with 2 batteries. (Total weight 63.5 lb)
  • Each battery can operate about 15km (9.3 miles), and the standard delivery comes with 2 batteries to operate about 30km (18.6 miles), which should be more than enough for most users. The travel range of 25km was tested with a user at 100kg (220lb) on a usual flat surface environment.
  • You can also add one extra battery upon placing the order to travel nearly 45km (28 miles). The battery compartment can hold up to 3 batteries.
  • The weight capacity is 150 kg (330 lb), but don’t worry if you exceed a bit more because it has a very sturdy structure.
  • Equipped with safer and more durable Soft Pack Polymer Li-ion cells (similar to iPad or Macbook except it is bigger capacity).
  • 5-speed control and the joystick serves as the accelerator. Maximum speed up to 8 km/hr (5 miles/hr) with 10″ rear wheels.
  • The 2 powerful 250W brushless motors produce higher torque and more energy-saving compares to the traditional brush motors.
  • High-grade aircraft quality aluminum alloy frame for stronger, safer and more durable.
  • Detachable seat cushion and backrest for washing purposes.
  • Both armrests can be raised up to get closer to tables or easier transfer to other surfaces

Other special features:

  • Equipped with 4 spring suspensions for more comfort on bumpy rides.
  • The latest joystick controller is smaller and easier to control. You can remove it conveniently with the detachable cable system upon check-in the power chair as luggage.
  • The seat cushion and backrest cover material is a non-fray material called Air-Breeze as it allows more airflow and better-cushioning effect. It is more durable and detachable for washing purposes.
  • Detachable anti-tilt support is provided (user should install it for safety or without it if the usage environment is always on flat surface).

What else comes with this Lightweight Power Wheelchair PW-1000XL?

  • A good quality certified smart Charger (100V-230V) so you can use it anywhere in the world.
  • Thick padded travel bag to ensure no surprise after you get down from the plane.
  • A Storage bag underneath the seat for your convenience.
  • 2 years Global Warranty (Doesn’t matter where you travel to)


Max Weight Capacity (kg) 150
Net Weight (kg) 25.5 (29 with batteries)
Seat Size (inch) 18.5
Motor Warranty Period 1 Year
Controller Warranty Period 1 Year
Battery Warranty Period 6 months