Hybrid Power Wheelchair

  • Highly flexible, can act as both power chair and manual wheelchair
  • Seat length adjustable (good for users with fluctuating weight)
  • Armrest adjustable
  • Footrest adjustable
  • Highly compact fo storage



1. Introductory video to wheelchair 


Unique features:

  • This hybrid power wheelchair allows easy switching of driving mode to manual mode, as the switch is at the gear box which is reachable from the user’s seating position.
  • It is a lot more powerful than the power assist wheelchair because it is a full power wheelchair with the manually propel function.
  • We have 14″, 16″, 18″ and 20″ seat width for different user body sizes.
  • Don’t worry if the user gains or lose weight over time, because the seat width can be adjusted between 16″ – 20″.
  • The stylish 24″ rear wheels are made of Magnesium Alloy in order to ensure good strength and solid pneumatic tires.
  • With the large rear wheels, it is easier to cross over larger gaps by reverse direction. (advisable with assistance)
  • Users can manually assist a bit in conjunction with the slow power mode upon challenging terrains.
  • We use high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to make the frame, therefore, the total weight is only 34kg (75lb) with the load capacity up to 120kg (264 lb). Portable, Foldable and Durable.
  • A full charge of the 2 battery packs enables the travel distance of 14 miles (22.5km).
  • The battery packs use Li-ion cells for a longer battery lifespan, at the same time it ensures the lightest weight possible.
  • Each battery pack weighs only 1.85 kg (4 lb) and detachable upon taking a flight.
  • It has individual height adjustable armrests, therefore despite the user’s height or if an additional seat cushion is being used, the user can have the most comfortable position.
  • The Footrests are height adjustable to suit users with different leg lengths, at the same time, furthermore, they are foldable and detachable for easy access or storage.

Standard Features of our Foldawheel Series:

  • Both armrests are raisable to allow sitting closer to tables and easier transfer to other surfaces.
  • The compact foldable design enables easy storage in small spaces or car trunk (Foldable seat and backrest).
  • The seat and backrest covers are made from the latest material “Airbreeze”, and it is easy to detach for washing. Airbreeze is breathable, thicker, more durable and comfortable rather than the conventional wheelchair seat cover material.


  • To change the seat width between 16″-20″, just needs to buy the seat & backrest cover of the desired seat width.
  • The 14″ version doesn’t have the seat width adjustable feature.
  • Optional Adjustable Headrest and Raisable Footrest are available.


Max Weight Capacity (kg) 150
Net Weight (kg) 35
Seat Size (inch) 14 - 22
Motor Warranty Period 1 Year
Controller Warranty Period 1 Year
Battery Warranty Period 6 months